Refund Policy

ProxySwag is offering intangible goods, therefore refunds are honored as a subject to:

* Crypto payments are not refundable.
* Undelivered Product: in a specific case where we fail to deliver the acquired goods – you are entitled for a 100% refund.
* Both static residential proxies and native ISP proxies are usually not refundable.
* Lack of competence or ability to properly use the service. ProxySwag is not responsible for the education of clients, developers or any other types of third-party professions, we do not refund based on lack of competence; we provide all the needed documentation, guides as well as material on privacy beforehand through the online blog as well as other channels.

Please notice, that we do not take any responsibility for the incompatibility of our products with third-party software, namely: scripts, extensions, add-ons, plug-ins and so on. In case of proxy abuse in such a manner, any refund/return/exchange request will be kindly denied. We do not ensure or guarantee that our products work flawlessly compatibility-wise with any third-party application, as well as support for applications as such is not provided.

Our Support Team is eager to assist you before, during and after your purchase. The highly professional team will offer all of the knowledge in order to offer a suitable solution. Before purchasing a proxy, make sure to inform yourself about the possible use cases. We are ready for your questions, practically any time of the day.

Refund processing is completed within 14 business days after the initial request submitted through email at [email protected]

ProxySwag management has the final decision on each and every refund. In case the proxies were abused or used for malicious practices, refund will be denied.

Last updated at: 24th April 2023